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Welcome to EBRC - AMA Club #544

We are located in Livermore, CA.


It's Renewal Time!!!

The renewal application is here... please fill it our and mail it in with your check/cash and include a copy of your 2018 AMA membership card.


Next Club Meeting

Nov 19 meeting, since it looks like rain, let's have it at 9am at Ray's place in Pleasanton, 3263 Vinyard Ave.  Thanks Ray for your continued hospitality!


Cameras are down.  We ran the batts flat, I'm charging them up which will take a few days.


The Book of Bob!

Who has heard of it?  Tim compiled the book from photographs that Bob Donleavy has taken over the 30 years of EBRC... you can download/view the PDF here.  Bear in mind that the PDF is 30MB in size so it may take  17a while to download if you are on a slow connection (who has those these days anyway?).

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